Offering you choice and flexibility…

Yale Health PlanFaculty and staff have access to Yale Health, our on-campus medical center located at 55 Lock Street. This state-of-the art facility provides high-quality care from leading medical professionals. The plan is an affordable medical option with premiums based on your Yale income.

Aetna Medical Plans – Aetna medical plans are point-of-service plans, which allow you to choose providers in and out of Aetna’s network. Monthly premium costs vary based on the plan you select.

Note: If you are currently in the Aetna Legacy Plan, which is closed to new enrollees, consider electing Yale Health or one of the Aetna Medical Plans. If after a one-year trial (2016), you are not satisfied, you can move back to the Legacy Plan during next year’s Annual Benefits Enrollment period.

For more information regarding your medical plan options, visit the Benefits Toolbox.